Whether it is the Christmas Yorkshire Terrier wearing red reindeer antlers, PK - SJM9848, or the
Holiday (black) Cat with (red) Cardinal sitting on his head, PK - ML484, everyone will want a pillow with their "special friend" on it.
PK - ML193  Black Lab with Christmas TruckPK - ML193 Black Lab with Christmas TruckThis Black Lab and truck make a classic scene.
PK - ML306 Cat with ScarfPK - ML306 Cat with ScarfA beautiful Tabby Cat pillow.
PK - ML315 Black Lab with SnowPK - ML315 Black Lab with SnowThis Black Lab is enjoying the snow flakes.
PK - ML347 Basset HoundPK - ML347 Basset HoundThis Basset Hound is getting ready for Christmas decorating.
PK - ML397 Dachshund with ScarfPK - ML397 Dachshund with ScarfThis little Dachshund is waiting for the Christmas holidays.
PK - ML440  Boston Terrier with ScarfPK - ML440 Boston Terrier with ScarfThis Boston Terrier lost 3 of his Christmas shoes.
PK - ML484 Holiday Cat with CardinalPK - ML484 Holiday Cat with CardinalNEW FOR 2020!  This Black Cat loves his red Cardinal friend.
PK - SCH104  Pug with ScarfPK - SCH104 Pug with ScarfThis Pug is ready to celebrate the Christmas holidays.
PK - SJM10060  Holiday Golden RetrieverPK - SJM10060 Holiday Golden RetrieverNEW FOR 2020!  A Golden Retriever in his Santa suit.
PK - SJM10070  Holiday Brown ChihuahuaPK - SJM10070 Holiday Brown ChihuahuaNEW FOR 2020!  This little Chihuahua is ready to string the lights.
PK - SJM10072  Holiday White Bichon FrisePK - SJM10072 Holiday White Bichon FriseNEW FOR 2020!  This little Bichon is ready to celebrate the holidays.
PK - SJM4866  Black Lab with LightsPK - SJM4866 Black Lab with LightsThis Black Lab wears his holiday lights.
PK - SJM4867  Golden Retriever With LightsPK - SJM4867 Golden Retriever With LightsThis Retriever loves to wear his holiday lights.
PK - SJM7971  Golden Retriever with OrnamentPK - SJM7971 Golden Retriever with OrnamentA Golden Retriever with his Christmas Ornament.
PK - SJM8395 Golden Retriever with WreathPK - SJM8395 Golden Retriever with WreathThis Golden Retriever wears his Santa hat.
PK - SJM8511  black/tan Dachshund with BowPK - SJM8511 black/tan Dachshund with BowA decorated black/tan Dachshund.
PK - SJM8988D  Lab with Holly BranchPK - SJM8988D Lab with Holly BranchThis yellow Lab carries a Holly Branch.
PK - SJM9041  Christmas Lab with ScarfPK - SJM9041 Christmas Lab with ScarfThis Lab will be warm wearing his winter scarf.
PK - SJM9839  Christmas French BulldogPK - SJM9839 Christmas French BulldogNEW FOR 2020!  A fun holiday French Bulldog.
PK - SJM9844  English Bulldog with Santa hatPK - SJM9844 English Bulldog with Santa hatThis English Bulldog needs a nap after his partying.
PK - SJM9848  Christmas Yorkshire TerrierPK - SJM9848 Christmas Yorkshire TerrierThis cute Yorkshire Terrier is wearing red reindeer antlers.
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