About Us

We started our company with a smile in 1994.  Our goal is to bring the best and most unique items possible to our customers.  We sell the same kitchen towels & hot pads, pillows, kids & dog toys and stockings on this web-site in cities across the USA.  We hear all the oh's and ah's and excited comments from everyone.  Our customers who buy these items immediately recognize the quality and tell us how reasonable our prices are.  Our response is always "We expect to pay a fair price when we make a purchase and we expect our customers to have the same experience."

The quality of these items is very important as we want them to stand up to your busy family activities.  We hope these items make you smile and your "furry friends" bark and purr when they are used.  Thank you for visiting MyDog and Cat.net web-site.

           "A BARK and PURR will make you smile."

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